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Kokedama Photo gallery
time2 hours

The Craft

Kokedamas have become a popular way to display houseplants, even though they’ve existed in Japan since the 1600's. It’s a Japanese word which literally means “moss ball”. It is a practice of removing the plant’s roots from its container, surrounding it with soil, and then wrapping it in moss and twine. The concept of a minimalistic Japanese aesthetic, focuses on the simplicity and beauty of the plant, without a pot. Each kokedama can be handcrafted with a variety of plant species, can be displayed in trays or hung as sculptural objects. You’ll make a modern macrame hanger with a simple knotting pattern. These hangers are a perfect, colourful addition for your new kokedama. Help us grow a greener world and request to make your own living sculpture.

Good to know

  • All material is included and your Kokedama is yours to keep
  • You don’t need to have any experience
  • The workshop consists of two parts: the messy moss and plant part and the macrame knotting for the hanger.

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